Ninefold Avalon 25

€ 1.650,00

The Avalon 25 is the perfect disc brake climbing rim: asymmetric, light, strong and stiff. It is the ultimate rim for climbing and safe descending at an incredibly low weight of only 325 g. per rim.

At 9th Wave we have made asymmetric rim design our signature. Whenever we see the possibility to use asymmetric rims we apply this technology to make stiffer and more durable wheels. So, when disc brake road bikes arrived, we instantly decided to translate our knowledge of mountainbike disc rims to road rims, resulting in an asymmetric, tubeless road disc rim design.

We took our proven inner rim profile for easy and secure tubeless tire mounting. But where hookless rims are the standard in mountainbiking, we still made a small bead hook for secure mounting of the tires at higher tire pressure. And, while we were at it, we designed the rims extra wide to perfectly fit tires from 25 mm to 40 mm (wider tires will fit, smaller not). The result is a unique 25 mm deep rim with the proven advantages of asymmetric mountainbike rims merged with the specific demands for road racing.

Prijs vanaf €1650 (DT swiss 350)